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New Lightmeter demo generator lets you try it out in seconds

Lightmeter mailops monitoring is now available for testing via unlimited private demo instances with pre-populated mailserver data

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May 17 2021

Lightmeter 1.2.0: Message tracing engine and Zimbra support

A new message tracing engine provides more accurate statistics, Zimbra logs are now supported, and nightly Docker images are now available

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Feb 5 2021

0.0.5 Alpha: domain mapping

Lightmeter Control Center release 0.0.5 adds domain mapping for smarter statistics, and direct binary downloads plus images on Docker Hub

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Jul 24 2020

0.0.4 Alpha: new authentication system

Lightmeter Control Center release 0.0.4 improves security and debugging, introducing user registration and authentication

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Jul 8 2020

0.0.2 Alpha: more accurate and responsive charts

Minor Lightmeter Control Center release 0.0.2 brings responsive charts, faster scripts, and docker builds and registry

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May 9 2020