Lightmeter 1.8: Frictionless Feature Feedback

Lightmeter Jul 14 2021 Share

Note: Version 1.8.2 is the latest version of this release if you use binaries (not Docker) get them at the Gitlab registry.

1-Click ratings of mailserver activity Insights are now built into the Observatory (main page) so you can vote for their usefulness and influence their configuration and improvement.

20 Merge requests went into this release. Check the Roadmap to see what features are coming next.

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Note that Lightmeter is still in early development and intended for small scale deployments. Known issues are documented in README.

More of what’s useful: Rate insights in 1 click

Mail networks come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, and we get lots of feedback from your different use cases each month. Now each insight includes a 1-click button to rate its usefulness, so its easy for you to vote on what you want more of, and what should be forgot.

You can change your vote on each insight every two weeks. Note that feedback will only be reported if Telemetry is enabled, as it uses the same software system (Matomo).

A chance to submit more detailed feedback is a few pixels away at the top of the page, as before. We’re listening!

Screenshots of Insight ratings, and Feedback button in Lightmeter 1.8

What else is new?

  1. More patterns for block detection for Google
  2. Implemented support for default Logstash JSON encoded logs via the -log_format=logstash command line argument
  3. Allow underscore in the process name in the postfix log parser
  4. Optional additional telemetry is now reported via our own self-hosted and Open Source Posthog server

The full list of merge requests and commits is on GitLab.

Get involved

Join us in making email peaceful and transparent — request or add what you’re missing to make your own mail server steadfast and efficient:

Go to the GitLab repo, fork it, build it, and submit your first pull request (there are many open issues to choose from if you’d like inspiration, including some quick wins). And if you get stuck at any point, drop by the forum, the Fediverse, Telegram, Twitter, or, of course, email ??


Missing your favourite packaging system? Request it in the comments.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the framework of the NGI-POINTER Project funded under grant agreement No 871528.

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