0.0.4 Alpha: new authentication system

Sam Tuke Jul 8 2020 Share

For improved security this release introduces a new administrator registration and authentication system — viewing the interface now requires the user to be logged in. We also improved debugging via better error and logging messages, and a new verbose output mode.

Please note this release is still in Alpha! Share your feedback using the link at the bottom of every application page.


  • Password-based administrator authentication system
    • Advanced password strength checker, including tips for stronger passwords
    • Commandline-based password reset using -email_reset
    • Password reveal option in web UI
    • Added support for commandline interface
  • Account registration wizard on first-run
  • Optional integrated Lightmeter newsletter signup
  • Automatic use of ‘latest’ tag to generated Docker images
  • HTTP API URI versioning starting at v0, e.g. /api/v0/topBusiestDomains


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