We believe in universal empowerment through technology-enabled cooperation. We are a European startup addressing global communication issues by disrupting the #1 human communication system: Email.

Lightmeter is created by Open Source idealists driven by humanistic principles to make revolutionary products. Our CEO is a career-long campaigner for Open Source and Open Standards, and a serial entrepreneur in the field.

Free Software reduces the transaction costs of cooperation

John Gilmore, Activist and Co-Founder of the EFF
(Open Source is another name for Free Software)

Like all tools, email is a means to an end. We’re fixing email to preserve and empower digital freedoms and society. Read more about the fundamental role email plays in protecting our digital world in the explainer: “Why email?“.

Unlike other digital channels, email is still free-roaming and commercially unfenced

Dr Matthew Dunn, CEO of Campaign Genius

More than it’s social and strategic role, email continues to offer unmatched convenience and productivity for all kinds of users.

Our team of industry experts

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