Smart Postfix Monitoring

Web-based management for mailserver health and delivery.
Self-hosted and Open Source with peer protection.

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Real-time detection

Of Blocked Email

• Detects blocking by big hosts like Google and Microsoft
• Checks >100 RBL blacklists, and if mailserver is down
• Monitors and charts: bounces, delays, and busy domains

Early warning

Via instant notifications

• Sending warning notifications over Email and Slack
• Notifications link to specific issue and time-frame
• Free email notification service in case your SMTP is down

Trace email histories with

The Message Detective

• Search emails by sender, recipient, msg ID, or queue
• Overview of the complete receipt or delivery history
• Cut customer support time: mailbox users can trace their own mail

Automatic protection against

Botnet and brute-force attacks

• Charts good, bad, and malicious login attempts over IMAP & SMTP
• Auto-block logins by attackers known to other Lightmeter users
• Uses standard Postfix & Dovecot blocklist systems

Supports all kinds of Postfix

And deploys in 2 mins

• Runs across Unix-like OSs via Docker or portable binary
• Supports: Plesk, Zimbra, Elastic, AWS, Azure, Openshift, & more
• Supports local & remote logfiles, plus streaming from other tools

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