New Lightmeter demo generator lets you try it out in seconds

Sam Tuke May 17 2021 Share

You can now see Lightmeter in action with a couple of taps/clicks thanks to a new system which creates private demo instances on-demand. Each instance has a unique URL, lasts 24 hours, and automatically runs the latest Lightmeter release. Try it out on the Demo Page!

Each instance is isolated from the other using strong security (containerised isolation), and its dedicated URL is shared only with the demo-requester. That URL is shared with you via email for reference later in the day, and for convenient forwarding to colleagues.

Just as with any other fresh Lightmeter installation you’ll need to create an admin account (and share these with anyone else you want to use the instance). Mailserver logs / data are already provided however, so you’ll see some Insights (performance analysis) as soon as you log in.

Despite security precautions in how demo data is stored and wiped it’s best not to save / upload any private data to your demo instance, for example your SMTP or Slack API login details for notifications.

Want more control over log files and Lightmeter version used in your demos? It’s possible to upload your own log files, and choose newer or older Lightmeter versions by using an alternative form at

What’s missing? How could the demo be better? We’re inspired by your feedback so ? drop us a message and let us know!

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