0.0.2 Alpha: more accurate and responsive charts

Sam Tuke May 9 2020 Share

This is a minor update to last week’s foundational 0.0.1 release, bringing important fixes and improvements. Please note this release is still in Alpha and not ready for production use.

Lightmeter 0.0.2 showing new info window


  • Charts now resize responsively when the viewport size changes
  • The “most deferred domains” chart now consolidates columns by top level domain
  • The release and corresponding git commit version are now stated in a new ‘info’ modal dialogue (a new corresponding API call was added)
  • Assets such as scripts which were previously remotely CDN hosted are now shipped and local for speed and privacy
  • A bug with date range selection causing the selected day -1 to be used instead of the correct one was fixed
  • A broken link in the page footer was fixed

Docker builds

Every Lightmeter Control Center release now automatically builds and publishes a dockerised version to our container registry on GitLab. You can conveniently use this version for automatic updates.

Missing your favourite packaging system? Let us know in the comments.

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