Lightmeter 1.1.0: broader Postfix log support and faster Web UI

Sam Tuke Dec 24 2020 Share

Following extensive user feedback several more server configurations are now supported, including improvements to Postfix log handling, and Web UI hosting and translation. Lightmeter’s front-end now uses Vue.js by default following a major migration project.

69 Merge requests (the most ever! ? ) and 310 commits (exactly 2x last time!) went into this release. Check the Roadmap to see what features are coming next.

This release features many improvements reported and contributed by first-time contributors. Thank you!

Note that Lightmeter is still in early development and intended for small scale deployments. Known issues are documented in Share your feedback directly, or using the dedicated button on every page of the application we’re listening!

Lightmeter Control Center 1.0.0 showing links to recommended solutions for mailserver IP blocks and blacklisting
Lightmeter Control Center 1.1.0 showing new buttons for recommended solutions


Setup and configuration

  1. Support for reverse proxies added, tested with Nginx
  2. Support for hosting Lightmeter on URL subpaths added, e.g.

Log parsing

  1. New log file obfuscation script, for safely sharing private mail logs. This replaces the old bash scrip with a new Python one and fixes some issues
  2. Support hostnames which include hyphens (eg local-smtp-hostname)
  3. Support logs referring to Postfix address rewriting
  4. Fix “Empty Directory” error if mail.log has previously been imported and no rotated log files exist
  5. Support custom rotated log file name formatting e.g. mail.log-20000101.gz, understanding the date sequence from the name

Internationalisation and localisation

  1. New Web-based natural language selection menu (allows overriding the language detected from the browser user agent)
  2. Several improvements to the translation flow from backend string extraction to Weblate, and back to the repository

Web user interface

  1. The Web UI has been completely migrated to Vue.js. While it is designed to look the same, nearly all front-end code has changed.

The full list of merge requests and commits is on GitLab.

New Contributors

Congratulations to Dirk Weise and Lina Ceballos for their first merge requests, and the following mailops admins for reporting their first Lightmeter issues on GitLab:

Thank you all, and welcome aboard!

Get involved

Join us in making email peaceful and transparent — request or add what you’re missing to make your own mail server steadfast and efficient:

Go to the GitLab repo, fork it, build it, and submit your first pull request (there are many open issues to choose from if you’d like inspiration, including some quick wins). And if you get stuck at any point, drop by the forum, the Fediverse, Telegram, Twitter, or email.


Missing your favourite packaging system? Tell us in the comments.

Supported by

This release was funded through the NGI0 PET Fund, a fund established by NLnet with financial support from the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet programme, under the aegis of DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology under grant agreement No 825310.

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