Lightmeter 1.6: Plesk support and Walkthrough Guide

Sam Tuke Apr 21 2021 Share

Note: For Lightmeter binaries please use version 1.6.1 on Gitlab registry.

Users of Plesk, the most popular web hosting control panel software (WHCP), can now use Lightmeter for their mailserver monitoring, and a walkthrough tour of the Lightmeter interface is now presented to new users.

19 Merge requests and 28 commits went into this release. Check the Roadmap to see what features are coming next.

Note that Lightmeter is still in early development and intended for small scale deployments. Known issues are documented in README.

Support for Plesk and other web-based control panels

Lightmeter now supports Plesk email monitoring for Postfix, thanks to its newly gained ability to be configured via environment variables. Thank you to T. Van der Plas for requesting and testing this feature!

Environment variables enable convenient web-based installation without command-line access. It now takes around 3 minutes to get Lightmeter running on any of the 380,000 servers using Plesk!

Howto: Monitor Plesk email by installing Lightmeter 1.6 for Postfix in under 3 minutes

While Plesk is the initial support target for this release, the same system provides anticipated, but as yet untested support for the following platforms as well:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS Lambda
  • Openshift
  • Dokku
  • Sentora
  • YunoHost

Are you using Lightmeter with these platforms? Let us know! Share your questions and experiences so support for them can further improve in future releases.

Walkthrough guide for new users

In preparation for a new public demo launching soon, Lightmeter now shows an introduction to key components and concepts when it runs for the first time. This orientation guide can be relaunched any time from a link in the footer for onboarding new users in your team. The walkthrough steps are short and to the point, and can be dismissed with a single click.

Screenshot of Lightmeter 1.6 with new welcome tour walkthrough guide
Welcome walkthrough guide in Lightmeter 1.6

What else is new?

Two fixes are also included:

  1. Stop ignoring log lines with relay responses like status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 12345678912)
  2. Switch to using shorter titles for News Insights to avoid oversized Insight cards (via a new RSS field)

The full list of merge requests and commits is on GitLab.

Get involved

Join us in making email peaceful and transparent — request or add what you’re missing to make your own mail server steadfast and efficient:

Go to the GitLab repo, fork it, build it, and submit your first pull request (there are many open issues to choose from if you’d like inspiration, including some quick wins). And if you get stuck at any point, drop by the forum, the Fediverse, Telegram, Twitter, or email ?


Missing your favourite packaging system? Request it in the comments.

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