Lightmeter 1.2.0: Message tracing engine and Zimbra support

Sam Tuke Feb 5 2021 Share

A new email tracing system provides more accurate statistics, Zimbra logs are now supported, and nightly Docker images are now available. Note: breaking changes below.

23 Merge requests and 89 commits went into this release. Check the Roadmap to see what features are coming next.

This release contains one feature and one improvement reported by first-time contributors. Thank you! Your feedback drives decisions – message or speak with us – we’re listening.

Note that Lightmeter is still in early development and intended for small scale deployments. Known issues are documented in

Lightmeter Control Center 1.0.0 showing links to recommended solutions for mailserver IP blocks and blacklisting
Lightmeter Control Center 1.2.0

Message tracing engine

A powerful new system called Ray Chaser has been introduced for analysing logs, delivering unmatched message status accuracy, and a foundation for future innovation. Read more in the dedicated article announcing its release.

What’s else is new?

Major changes

  1. Logs produced by Zimbra are automatically recognised and supported – requested by @florian.heigl and @cweiske
  2. Nightly Docker images are now generated for testing of development snapshots; builds of both Master (more stable) and Develop (more experimental) are provided

Minor changes

  1. The observatory now greets you by your first name
  2. Log files are now read successfully while they’re being moved on disk e.g. by Logrotate – reported by @fbartels and @cweiske
  3. Logfile timestamps from file Unix modification times are adapted to the local timezone – reported by @odahoda and @pierreozoux
  4. Daylight saving is now respected when importing historical logs

Breaking changes

Improvements to Lightmeter’s log data storage system mean that monitoring data stored in workspaces created by previous Lightmeter releases is no longer compatible, and is automatically deleted.

Log files within the specified log directory will be automatically re-imported. Older log files which are no longer in the log directory, having been moved (e.g. to long term storage) or removed, cannot be re-imported and will no longer be available within Lightmeter.

Get involved

Join us in making email peaceful and transparent — request or add what you’re missing to make your own mail server steadfast and efficient:

Go to the GitLab repo, fork it, build it, and submit your first pull request (there are many open issues to choose from if you’d like inspiration, including some quick wins). And if you get stuck at any point, drop by the forum, the Fediverse, Telegram, Twitter, or email.


Missing your favourite packaging system? Request it in the comments.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the framework of the NGI-POINTER Project funded under grant agreement No 871528.

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