Jan 28 2020

Lightmeter to improve communication for 3.8bn users


Lightmeter to improve communication for 3.8bn users

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Tech preview of Open Source delivery monitoring tool for mail servers lightens admins’ workloads
Press release

Berlin, January 21, 2020 – Open Source tool Lightmeter introduces the first dedicated email delivery monitoring and visualization tool in the industry. An estimated 3.8 billion users use over 18 million email servers to receive 103 trillion emails per year, but nearly 20% of messages fail to reach their destination. Lighmeter simplifies the job of hundreds of thousands of mail server administrators, making mail delivery transparent, and enabling faster resolution of delivery issues.

Lost and delayed mail causes major business disruption, but avoiding these issues is slow and expensive work for administrators. Lightmeter spots problems such as slow and blocked servers, before they affect email users, allowing for resolution before problems snowball

— Said Sam Tuke, Founder and CEO of Lightmeter

Email is a vast, decentralized network of millions of servers, which receive mail from senders and deliver them to the server corresponding to the recipient, and in turn, that user’s mailbox. Email delivery is increasingly challenging, with searches for ‘check email deliverability’ on Google Trends increasing 450% over the last 5 years. Over the last decade email verification systems such as DMARC, DKIM, and SPF have increased delivery complexity, while more elaborate content filtering and categorisation systems reject an increasing amount of valid mail. Managing these issues has placed increasing demands on server administrators.

Lightmeter makes running a mail server easier and cheaper. The first Tech Preview of Lightmeter is available now on Docker Hub. Source code is public on GitLab, and today the Lightmeter website is online for users to suggest features and learn more. This Tech Preview analyzes the logs of Postfix mail server software, which constitutes approximately 35-40% of the market, and visualizes the current state of email deliveries, bounces, domains, and performance by recipient domain. Future versions will detect a wider range of issues, and provide appropriate solutions.

About Lightmeter

Lightmeter is the first Open Source email delivery monitoring tool in the industry. It simplifies the job of hundreds of thousands of mail server administrators, making mail deliverability transparent and aiding in fixing deliverability issues. Learn more at, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Mastodon.

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