Sam Tuke
Nov 25 2020

Lightmeter 1.0 brings peace to Covid Christmas email tsunami


Lightmeter 1.0 brings peace to Covid Christmas email tsunami

Sam Tuke Nov 25 2020 Share

Open Source mailops monitoring app assists admins under eCommerce and home office pressure
Press release

Berlin, November 24, 2020 – Open Source tool Lightmeter introduces comprehensive advice for common mailserver problems to it’s all-in-one mailops monitoring and visualisation tool Lightmeter Control Center. As COVID-19 has sent office-workers home and shoppers online, email has triumphed, as the most popular intra-employee channel, channel most loved by consumers, and the most valuable channel for marketers, but networks are being pushed to their limits. Today Lightmeter 1.0.0 adds the industry’s first automated delivery disruption remediation recommendation system.

Video walkthrough of Lightmeter 1.0 with CEO Sam Tuke

Email is the original universal communication system, and more critical now than ever. Extremely high mail volumes are applying pressure from users, while power concentration and secret algorithms are applying pressure from within the market, mixing a nightmare cocktail of stress and uncertainty for administrators. Lightmeter is the Open Source sidekick that independent networks need to deliver Christmas despite the pandemic.

— Said Sam Tuke, Founder and CEO of Lightmeter

EU-funded as a pro-privacy project of strategic importance to the Internet’s future, Lightmeter has added a variety of sensors in the 10 major releases since it’s January launch. As the world’s most-used identity system for digital services, email plays a doubly crucial role in digital sovereignty and security. Corporate oligopolists are fighting an epic battle for it’s future, and introducing closed email standards like BIMI, and centralised authentication extensions like Google Sign-In on top of the once decentralised and independent global mail network. System administrators have become innocent casualties, facing ever-increasing technical hurdles to get mail delivered and received, coupled with absent, opaque, or misleading technical reports from the dominant rivals.

Lightmeter makes running a mail server easier and cheaper. Lightmeter 1.0.0 is available now on Docker Hub, GitLab, and Bintray. This release analyzes the logs of Postfix mail server software, which constitutes approximately 40% of the market, automatically imports historical logs, visualizes key health metrics, monitors in real-time for multiple types of IP blocks, and checks the mailserver remains operational. Issues generate notifications on its web and optionally via Slack messages. Future versions will predict problems based on past performance, support multiple servers and IPs from a single interface, and add disruption sensors and predictors.

About Lightmeter

Lightmeter is the first on-premise mailops monitoring tool in the industry. It simplifies the job of hundreds of thousands of mail server administrators, making mail deliverability transparent and aiding in fixing deliverability issues. Learn more at, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Mastodon.

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