Sam Tuke
Mar 2 2021

Kopano Groupware integrates Lightmeter for private cloud service certitude


Kopano Groupware integrates Lightmeter for private cloud service certitude

Sam Tuke Mar 2 2021 Share

Berlin, March 2nd, 2021 – The Kopano collaboration suite has gained sophisticated mailops monitoring thanks to a new integration available from today. Self-hosted Open Source Kopano groupware and video conferencing can be conveniently combined with Open Source Lightmeter mailserver observability for free thanks to an ongoing partnership between the two companies.

Screenshot of Lightmeter in the Kopano Extension Site
Lightmeter on the Kopano Extensions site, ready for installation free of charge

“Combining Lightmeter with Kopano empowers businesses to host their own productivity suite with total confidence in the quality of the service delivered. Emails are a critical dependency for sales, process notifications, and office communications – SMBs can keep this confidential data in-house without sacrificing data sovereignty thanks to the new convenient Kopano-Lightmeter integration” said Sam Tuke, Chief Executive at Lightmeter.

Throughout the global pandemic email has been the most used and most preferred business communications channel, home to 20% of confidential cloud data, with 127 business messages exchanged per user each day. Kopano One ships a full suite of productivity tools including calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes, accessible through native cross-platform applications.

“Now more than ever SMBs require both privacy and performance, and self-hosted Kopano One with Lightmeter monitoring takes the uncertainty out of business communications. These Open Source solutions beat service levels of the corporate cloud for a fraction of the price” said Andreas Rösler, Managing Director at Kopano.

Email delivery, while critical infrastructure, is a major technical challenge, requiring specialised expertise and 24×365 monitoring. Lightmeter analyses mailserver performance, identifying delivery issues instantly, notifying administrators, and recommending resolutions.

The integration is now available on the Kopano Extension Site free of charge.

About Lightmeter

Lightmeter is the first Open Source email delivery monitoring tool in the industry. It simplifies the job of hundreds of thousands of mail server administrators, making mail delivery transparent and aiding in fixing deliverability issues. Press page and assets:

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