0.0.3 Alpha: automatic mail history import

Sam Tuke Jun 11 2020 Share

This release introduces automatic import of mail history from log directories. Any existing log files are dated, sorted, decompressed, and imported in sequence, while newly generated logs are handled simultaneously.

Please note this release is still in Alpha and not intended for production use.


  • Log directory scanning: specify a directory to watch using -watch_dir to search that folder for mail log files and import them all in sequence, while simultaneously handling new log lines
  • You can now specify which port to run the web interface on using -listen
  • Web fonts are now included, resolving a bug with Firefox rendering
  • Fix duplication of records for message delivery status notifications


  • Docker: https://gitlab.com/lightmeter/controlcenter/container_registry

Missing your favourite packaging system? Let us know in the comments.

3 responses to “0.0.3 Alpha: automatic mail history import”

  1. IDM says:

    Will there packages for Debian, Ubuntu and also as tar.gz ball be available? Thanks!

    • Sam Tuke says:

      Yes we plan so, but haven’t got around to setting up a build system for that yet. Tar.gz of the source code is available here under Assets -> Source code. Also hope to have binaries automatically-built as part of the release process soon.
      Meanwhile, if you have golang installed, then building locally takes just a few seconds after `make release` ?

    • Sam Tuke says:

      FYI binaries are now automatically built and released with each new version. Find them in the assets of the latest release on GitLab ?