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0.0.9 Alpha: detect blocks by Google and Microsoft

Lightmeter Control Center release 0.0.9 can detect when a mailserver IP is blocked by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others

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Oct 30 2020

0.0.8 Alpha: RBL check and Slack alerts

Lightmeter Control Center release 0.0.8 introduces automatic RBL block checking for mailserver IPs, and alert notifications via Slack

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Oct 19 2020

0.0.7 Alpha: Delivery analysis via Insights

Lightmeter Control Center release 0.0.7 introduces real-time postfix mailserver delivery monitoring, and easier upgrading

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Sep 25 2020

New interface prototyping

User interviews and story mapping are guiding an intensive redesign of Lightmeter's interfaces, including new clickthrough prototypes used for UX testing

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Mar 30 2020