Jan 28 2020

Introducing Lightmeter


Introducing Lightmeter

Lightmeter Jan 28 2020 Share

Welcome to Lightmeter. Email is the world’s most trusted channel of digital communication. We are here to make it easier.

Last year 20% of the estimated 103 trillion emails that were sent didn’t arrive at their destination. There are at least 18 million mail servers out there, most of them running Open Source mail transfer software like Postfix and Exim. The world needs more reliable email delivery.

Half a century of resilient, decentralised, censorship-resistant communication over email has made its 3.8 billion users complacent. Now 28% of all western email opens are controlled by one company. With power concentrated in a handful of companies, email delivery has become much harder.

Today we launch a Tech Preview of Lightmeter Control Center. Lightmeter analyzes mail logs -– Postfix to start – and gives real time information on deliverability that is easy to digest and, will become increasingly actionable.

You can try it out from Docker Hub – your feedback and, of course, pull requests, are welcome on GitLab.

Work in progress


Deliverability monitoring and recommendation capabilities will be expanded. Network intelligence updates will in future be provided, to enable predictive maintenance of mail servers.

With this, Lightmeter will be able to warn you of problems before they affect email users, giving you the opportunity to be ready when they come.

In time, EXIM support will be added, covering the majority of mail servers capable of receiving mail.

Open Source

Lightmeter Control Center is 100% Open Source, under the AGPL3 License. Behind Lightmeter is a team of long-time Open Source contributors and entrepreneurs, and we believe that only an Open Source license provides the certainty that’s needed for critical infrastructure such as the world’s #1 digital communication channel.

Updates get involved

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