0.0.1 Alpha: new UI and date filtering

Sam Tuke May 2 2020 Share

After two months of development a completely rewritten version of Lightmeter Control Center has been released in early Alpha, following the “release early and often” philosophy of the Linux Kernel.

Lightmeter Control Center 0.0.1
The Lightmeter Control Center 0.0.1 web interface


While not yet ready for production use, this version represents a leap forward beyond the capabilities of the previous prototype, including:

  • A new Web interface, based research and usability testing
  • Selection of any desired time range to view performance for that period (or use pre-defined ranges)
  • Increased compatibility and stability reading Postfix logs
  • Multiple log input methods: import log files one-time, continuously monitor them for changes, or read from terminal input
  • Multi-threaded log parsing, storage, and processing
  • Persistent data storage between sessions, resulting in faster start times (the same logs are only imported once)
  • An HTTP API, used by the Web UI, including Swagger-based documentation and web interface for exploration
  • A simple CLI interface for accessing delivery statistics
  • Docker image size reduction of around 100x, to just 6mb (note that these images will be released publicly in future once we’re out of Alpha)
  • Experimental support for Windows

Quality management

In addition to the features above, a new buildsystem bakes in a variety of automated quality control checks to safeguard application quality, security, and portability. These include the following automated Continuous Integration and Deployment abilities:

  • Unit test execution and test code-coverage reporting (currently 70%)
  • Code quality checks
  • License compatibility checks of dependencies
  • Static application security testing to identify new vulnerabilities
  • Checks for outdated dependencies with known vulnerabilities
  • Test compiling the application completes successfully


  • Design and usability testing by Rudolf
  • Web interface development by Leandro and Sam
  • Backend, API, Unit testing, and buildsystem by Leandro
  • Product Management by Sam and Suela

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