Release candidate for Lightmeter 1.4.0

Lightmeter Feb 26 2021 Share

This is an early release of the upcoming Lightmeter Control Center 1.4.0. It provides an opportunity to test the latest changes before the final release scheduled for next week.

Please check old issues that affect you and are reported as fixed, as well as any new features, and also existing features for regressions.

Changes for testing

  1. Email notifications of high priority insights
  2. Local deliveries (not from external hosts) are included in graph stats
  3. Microsoft IP blocking is detected
  4. RBL insights now check only the list, not message, to determine changed status
  5. Missing data on log lines no longer causes deliberate crashes

The full list of merge requests and commits is on GitLab.

How to test

The best way to test this Release Candidate is to use it as you normally use Control Center, in a non-critical environment. Known issues with this release are documented in the README.


Upgrading to an RC release is the same as for any other Control Center release.

Downgrading is also supported, but because downgrading depends upon features which may not yet be stable, successful downgrading should not be relied upon.

Testing specific features

Features which are user-facing can be easily tested using the Web-UI — see the associated GitLab issues for the expected behaviour and screenshots (sometimes) of how they are intended to look.

Where back-end changes affect a particular component (such as Internationalisation, parsing, etc.), deliberately using functionality which depends on those components provides good opportunities to test for regressions.

Reporting issues

Any found issues should be reported to GitLab, clearly stating the version number of the copy of Control Center that you’re using.


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