Lightmeter now packaged for NixOS

Sam Tuke Sep 11 2020 Share

Mailserver monitoring and analysis is now available for NixOS — the up-and-coming, ultra-stable Linux operating system — thanks to new Lightmeter Control Center packages. NixOS is popular for managing Software-as-a-Service infrastructure, and can now run Control Center within Seconds for Postfix email monitoring and performance analysis.

For the uninitiated, NixOS is built on top of the Nix Package manager, which takes a unique approach to packaging by making all systems reproducible – trivial to redeploy and check for inconsistencies.

It provides extreme flexibility, comparable to Arch or Gentoo Linux, through its own declarative language. Users like Shopify love how fast it can be updated, and how easy it makes sharing different environments across machines.

Both Lightmeter and NixOS are Next Generation Internet projects of the European Union, supported by NLnet, and work to increase the privacy, participation, and diversity of Internet users.

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