Jan 30 2020

Deliverability meetup at FOSDEM 2020


Deliverability meetup at FOSDEM 2020

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Europe’s largest meeting of Open Source professionals takes place this weekend in Brussels, and despite 100% of attendees using the Open Source and Open Standards powered peer-to-peer communication network called “email”, there are no tracks, talks, or events on this subject. Until Now!

Compare strategies, share stories

As email delivery gets increasingly dark and difficult for independent networks, we as professionals need to get smarter. Let’s share our experiences and learn together.

Saturday at 15:30 in the Cafe

Meet at the indoor (corridor) entrance to the main cafeteria in Building F (see map) — look for the “Gmail is Eating Email” sign!

Message the groups on Telegram or WhatsApp if you can’t find us.

Location of the main Cafe and meeting point

See you there!

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