Lightmeter 1.9: Seeding the network

Lightmeter 1.9 introduces a new cooperative concept for mailops admins, several fixes, and a new terms of service

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Oct 4 2021

Coming soon: crowdsourced mailops automation

Lightmeter is becoming a network of cooperating peers, as well as a mailops monitoring system, with new features and legal changes coming

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Sep 30 2021

Lightmeter 1.8: Frictionless Feature Feedback

Lightmeter includes many sensors and Insights for mailserver and mailops monitoring - now you can vote on each with 1-click

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Jul 14 2021

Lightmeter 1.7: Email tracing for mailbox users

Self-service email tracing for mailbox users and mailserver admins is possible via the new Message Detective and escalation system

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May 31 2021

Release candidate for Lightmeter 1.7

Lightmeter Control Center Release Candidate 1.7.0 is ready for testing with Postfix mailservers for monitoring, deliverability, & performance

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May 14 2021

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