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New domain ControlCenter.App and project update

Lightmeter Control Center has a new domain home - this is an update on project news, and the future of the Control Center App and team

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Feb 27 2024

Mailmap global scan: preliminary results

To check the health of the global email network we scanned the world's servers and here are some preliminary results

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Dec 2 2021

Coming soon: crowdsourced mailops automation

Lightmeter is becoming a network of cooperating peers, as well as a mailops monitoring system, with new features and legal changes coming

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Sep 30 2021

Lightmeter awarded support by Open Technology Fund

The Open Tech Fund has awarded Lightmeter $10,000 in services to support the open ecosystem with their email monitoring and automation system

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Sep 16 2021

The Open Source Feedback Gap: freedom vs convenience

Open Source feedback loops are hard, constituting a competitive disadvantage for user feedback and discovery - here's our compromise

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Aug 27 2021

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