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Submitting de-listing requests to Yahoo

Yahoo! reveals their blacklist practices, and they use your sender’s IP reputation to determine if your email gets through, so make sure to check the Postmaster info page.

  1. Make sure you have addressed any technical problems identified by reading the error message.  Full list of error codes here.
  2. Yahoo relies on Spamhaus so, you need to make sure you are not listed there before you contact Yahoo!. You may find that once you are removed from Spamhaus, your email to Yahoo! will start delivering again.
  3. Even if you are not a bulk sender, you will need to complete the Yahoo! Bulk Sender Form. Though some fields on the delivery report are optional, it is best to provide as much information as possible. You will want to detail in 2-3 sentences your remediation efforts and provide technical details.
  4. If you have properly addressed the identified problem the block should be removed within 48 hours.
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