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See also: Before you submit a de-listing request

Submitting de-listing requests to Microsoft

  1. Make sure you have addressed any technical problems identified by reading the error message. Full list of error codes here.
  2. Submit a de-listing request to Microsoft by filling out this formNote: use Incognito Mode in Chrome browser to avoid submission errors.
  3. Among the details provided, the exact error message received is required. Lightmeter Email Blocklist Insights make that available so, you can directly copy and paste.
  4. Most responses from Microsoft take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Once you receive a response, Microsoft will outline the action which has been taken, and in most cases, your blacklist will have been lifted.
  5. If your blacklist has not been removed you will need to resolve anything they have identified or reply back to them asking for more details.
  6. Microsoft has a poor reputation among independent mailops professionals and may not respond to your delisting request.

You can read more about Microsoft policies here.

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